Cavedago (864 m. Above sea level), a typical mountain village in the countryside divided into 9 fractions. A visit to the Church of the Cemetery "St. Thomas" (XIV century), one of the oldest symbols of Cavedago, the frescoes are of various ages and dating between 1400 and 1500.

Andalo (1042 m. Above sea level). A 5 km, situated on a green plateau between thick pine forests. Andalo was originally structured in 14 farms, yet well defined today. Many lifts and ski trails wind along the slopes of Mount Paganella. The local consists of prominent sports facilities such as indoor pool, ice rink, horse riding etc. etc.

5 Km from Cavedago, north to the ancient road of Santel, located on a panoramic plateau, is located Fai (958 m asl). It stands on a terrace at the foot of Mount Fausior and Paganella. With a stunning view over the Adige plain. Of note, the archaeological site at Doss Castel (remains of Rhaetian village).

Heading north, 5 km, you meet Spormaggiore (565 m. Above sea level), a charming resort overlooking the Valle di Non, where it enjoys a stunning view of the valley itself. A visit to the Bear Park, the Wildlife Museum and the ruins of Castel Belfort, the castle dating from the thirteenth century (destroyed by fire in 1670).

A 10 km is Molveno, rises (864 m. Above sea level) between the Brenta Dolomites and the Paganella-Gazza massif. Together with Andalo is the ideal point of contact between the Val di Non and the Giudicarie Valley. Numerous trails in the woods and mountains, trails, mule tracks, allow to reach these places on foot, horseback or bicycle.



The symbol par excellence is the bridge over the Forego with its three arches (1200 - 1860 - 1912). The same representing the coat of arms.